Happy Mother's Day from Acorn!

Mother's Day is fast approaching so we've put together a guide with a few special things we think mum will love. Whether she's an avid gardener or just deserves a little pampering, we have something for every mum.

The Oaks Cafe is now taking bookings for Mother's Day with sittings at 8am, 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Give them a call on 98907107 to ensure you don't miss out!

To all mothers, caregivers and maternal figures, we wish you a joyful and relaxing Mother's Day on May 8th. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Salus The Nurture Trio

The Nurture Trio - $45

Treat mum to a nurturing set of hand and face treatments. The pack features Lavender & Mandarin Hand & Cuticle Cream, Cedarwood & Basil Cleansing Hand Wash and Cucumber & Chamomile Radiance Facial Mask.

White Cyclamen

Cyclamen - $39.95

Cyclamen love the cold and will flower through to late spring. They do well both outside and indoors and bring the same joy to a room as cut flowers but bloom for far longer. Wrapped in our signature style, we think they're the perfect gift!

Bogs Patch Ankle Boot

Bogs Patch Ankle Boots - $89.95

The Patch Ankle Boots are perfect for working in the garden without sacrificing style. They are 100% waterproof with a removable footbed and a built-in heel kick for quick hands-free removal. 

Cote Noire Scented Flowers

Cote Noire Luxury Scented Flowers - $149

These flowers are skilfully hand crafted and arranged in a glass vase. Each petal is infused with a delicate scent, which can be refreshed with the included scent refill. All the benefits of fresh flowers with none of the hassle! 

Vintage Cocky Cabinet

Vintage Cocky Cabinet - $850

Treat mum to something truly unique with this gorgeous cabinet topped with a cheeky cockatoo! With three deep shelves, it is a practical storage piece that also adds personality to any room. 

Tony's Tips

May 2022

There is still a bit of warmth in the soil so late autumn is perfect for planting and fertilising plants to fatten them up before winter. A lot of plants from warmer climes do all of their serious flowering at this time of the year, including everything from Correas, Grevilleas and Helleborus, Camellia japonica, Wallflowers, Hardenbergia as well as Primulas, Poppies and Pansies. 

French lavender will flower from now all through winter and into spring. A number of new hybrid lavenders such as Purple Reign, The Princess and The Snow Princess will start flowering soon and continue right through to spring. 

Rhododendrons are an old favourite that are highly prized for their spectacular spring display. They are only available in small numbers but I will get my yearly supply of Rhodos this month, which is the perfect time to plant them up on a mound in enriched soil. My all-time favourite is White Pearl, a hardy, vigorous variety with pink buds that open up into white flowers. 

Things to do

  • Snails are out and about after the April rains. Protect your new seedlings and flowers with Multiguard.
  • Cut off old Helleborus leaves and check new growth for aphids. If infested, treat with Conguard or Confidor.
  • May is the last month to plant seed Garlic and winter-flowering bulbs. Remember to leave Tulips in the fridge for six weeks before planting them. 
  • May is the prime month for planting Foxglove seedlings so they can put on a show of flowers in spring.  
  • Prune back Japanese Anemones to 10cm. Divide and replant them if needed.
  • Feed winter-flowering native plants with a fertiliser formulated for natives.
  • Keep an eye out for pests before they go dormant for winter. Check for Lawn Beetle Grub in lawns, Azalea Lace Bug in Azaleas and Viburnums and Citrus Leaf Minor in Citrus new growth.
  • Apply Winter Grass Killer to Winter Grass as it emerges in lawns, though not sensitive Kikuyu lawns. Control non-grass weeds in lawns now with a selective weedicide applied by watering can or sprayer.
  • Feed box plants now with TopBuxus to prevent deficiency problems in winter.

Plant of the Month

Perfect Pollinator Dark Pink


Correas are colourful yet hardy small shrubs that will grow in sun or moderate shade and flower from autumn into winter. We have some new, improved varieties including Perfect Pollinator Pink, Perfect Pollinator Dark Pink and Ring a Ding Ding in the nursery. They are neat, low spreading shrubs that grow up to one metre wide and 60cm high with masses of pale pink, dark pink and orange flowers through the cooler months. We find they do very well in pots.