Lavender The Princess
Lavender The Princess


Lavender The Princess


The true Princess of the Lavender world, 'The Princess' Lavender is an Australian-bred breakthrough from a world-class innovative breeding program. 'The Princess' is an early-flowering lavender that is famous for bearing eye catching electric-pink flower heads that provide a long-lasting display throughout spring and early summer, with spot flowering continuing throughout summer and autumn.

'The Princess' Lavender has a tight compact habit, with aromatic grey green foliage. Flowers are borne on short stems forming domes of bright colour making an impressive this plant an ideal choice for landscapers, low hedges and pots. Plant one today and find out why 'The Princess' was crowned the 2014 Plant of the Year.

Plant in full sun in a well drained soil, and apply a general purpose slow release fertiliser after flowering. Watering requirements are low once established, needing only an occasional long soak during extended periods of drought Regular light tip pruning after flowering will encourage a dense bushy habit and new flower growth for the following season. For hedging, space at intervals of approximately 50cm.