Christine Mainfield's Indian Cooking Class


Christine Mainfield's Indian Cooking Class

A step by step masterclass in Indian cooking from the award winning and internationally acclaimed chef, restaurateur and writer. Mastering the incredible array of spices and techniques applied in the Indian kitchen can seem a daunting task for the casual cook. But in Indian Cooking Class you'll find easy-to-follow and approachable recipes that will see you making curry pastes and blending flavours with absolute confidence.

Richly coloured with memories of her own extensive travels through India, Christine's masterclasses and easy-going instructions are layered with details that both illuminate and demystify the Indian table. Indian Cooking Class roams through the streets of Kolkata, the fish markets of Kerala, the spice-laden south, the western desert states, and the mountainous Himalayan region on a veritable culinary tour experienced from the kitchen bench.Join Christine as she shares her knowledge, love and deep respect for the vivacious and piquant dishes at the heart of Indias fascinating culinary heritage.