Bamboo Koala Khaki Sock


Bamboo Koala Khaki Sock

These super comfortable bamboo socks are part our our Endangered Australian Animals range that bring awareness to Australia's most endangered species.

The iconic Koala which once thrived has seen a huge decline in numbers due to land clearing, bush fires and drought. A NSW inquiry found koalas could be extinct by 2050 if no urgent action is taken.

We donate a portion of sales from these socks to FAME - The Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species.

Being made from bamboo these socks are extra soft and smooth. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant. Bamboo is very absorbent and draws moisture away from the skin. Its breathable properties and luxurious feel make it a sock that is extremely comfortable to wear.

 Size 6-11

Made in Australia.