Summer Gardens Are Not Far Off!

It may still be cool and wet but we are entering the last month of spring and our gardens are well and truly waking up!

We'll be open all weekend and on Melbourne Cup Day. This is a great opportunity to get your garden looking gorgeous as the festive season is just around the corner! Come in and see us, our qualified team of horticulturalists will be happy to assist you with anything your garden needs.

Tony's Tips

November 2022

Welcome to the last month of what has been a very wet and fairly cool spring so far. Hydrangeas are at their best this month and we have a huge range in many shapes and colours. Roses are also flowering well now so this is the perfect time to choose and plant a rose. There’s nothing like being able to see the colour and smell the perfume. You'll know exactly what to expect each year!

This is the ideal time to plant chillies, basil and cucumbers as well as many other veggies. This is also the last month with a wide variety of Tomatoes to plant!

There is finally enough warmth for Gardenias to really start to grow and flower. They will come into their own this month. Mandevillas are available now in different types and colours, and Vincas will be available from next week. Both are great for summer and autumn colour. Now is the time to plant flower seedlings to have a colourful display for Christmas and New Year.

Things to Do:

  • Keep feeding your Gardenias and Citrus to maximise flowering and fruiting.
  • Bindi-eye weeds are prevalent in many lawns this year and should be controlled now before they really get going.
  • High moisture levels have made this a bad year for fungal diseases in Roses, Tomatoes and other plants. Spray or dust to prevent or control the disease.
  • Prune winged or horned lavenders after flowering as hard as you can while still leaving a layer of viable green foliage to draw nutrients up to enable new growth. Never prune Lavenders to bare wood!
  • Prevent outbreaks of Azalea Lace Bug with Conguard or Bug Killa.
  • Protect lawns from Lawn Beetle Grub with Dead Grub for Lawns.
  • Trim and feed roses as soon as the first flush of flowers finishes so that they’ll be back in flower for Christmas and New Year.