Spring Gardens Start in Winter!

Mid winter can be quiet in the garden, but it's also an opportunity to prepare for warmer weather. A little bit of preparation now will make all the difference come spring!

We're thrilled to announce that our donations to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre have reached over $100,000! We ask for a gold coin donation for gift wrapping and the total for this is now $68,898.50. Combined with $31,500 from Acorn Nursery, we have been able to give $100,398.50. Thank you for your contribution to this fantastic cause.

Tony's Tips 

July 2023

July sees us past the shortest day of the year, the lowest point in our horticultural calendar. As the days becomes longer, we will see the first of the early blossom, spring flowering bulbs, and many of our most fragrant flowers come out.

Osmanthus Heaven Scent and Sarcococca Confusa, also known as sweet box, are hardy evergreen shrubs that will be covered in fragrant white flowers through to late winter. Sarcococca thrives in dry shade.

Most of our new season roses will be in this month, including the new release David Austins, Mill on the Floss and Emily Brontë. Both are fragrant pastel coloured roses which we have seen in prerelease and liked. The big new release is a fragrant, creamy yellow climbing rose called Gold Pierre de Ronsard. This rose comes from a highly regarded family of proven performers, so we have high expectations!

Our Camellias are at their peak in July. This is the ideal time to see their flowers and choose one you like best. New season deciduous Magnolias will also be coming in this month. Our gardens are picking up steam for spring!

Things to Do: