Spend February in the Garden!

We've had some hot weather as well as plenty of rain and cooler days this summer and many plants are looking all the better for it! This may be the last month of summer but it certainly isn't the end of warm weather here in Melbourne.

We're open from 8am to 5pm as usual today. We hope to see you in the nursery!

Tony's Tips

February 2024

We've reached the final month of a slightly cooler and wetter summer than usual. This has been ideal weather for gardening and planting as new plants can settle in without getting burnt.

Echinacea Sunseeker is a hardy perennial that bears masses of pickable, cone-shaped colourful flowers through summer and autumn. Growing up to 60cm high and 50 cm wide in a sunny, well-drained position, it’s a spectacular, easy to grow feature plant. Many plants are at their best in the warmer months and these are no exception.

Also in this month are the Hydrangea paniculatas, including the popular Sundae Fraise. It is a little more sun tolerant than traditional Hydrangeas with masses of white cone flowers that age to a lovely soft pink. They look great in the garden as well as making fantastic cut flowers.

  • Spray new growth on your citrus with PestOil or Eco-oil to prevent Citrus Leaf Miner damaging it. Make sure you do this when the weather is cool, not above 25 degrees.
  • February is the last month to prune and feed and still get a decent flush of autumnal growth. This is especially important for roses, long flowering perennials and traditional Hydrangeas. Also prune hedges to shape now if you haven’t already.
  • Sasanqua and Japonica Camellias are both in their flower forming phase now, so feed with a good quality fertiliser and water frequently to ensure maximum flower formation. Lightly prune new growth of Sasanquas to ensure a good shape.
  • Plant all Brassica veggie seedlings. This includes broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and kale. As well as these, plant lettuce, rocket and silverbeet.
  • Azalea Lace Bug is still prevalent on Viburnums and Azaleas and must be controlled. Lawn Beetle Grub is still widespread and damaging lawns but is easily controlled with two treatments a year. Passionvine Leafhopper is also going nuts so control it early to prevent damage.

Plant of the Month

Gardenia White Goddess

Gardenia White Goddess

Gardenia White Goddess is a new variety that has been a pleasant surprise. It performs well in our climate and looks terrific with its profusion of large, white, highly-perfumed flowers over the warmer months. Slightly smaller and more compact than the original floridas, the rules are still the same–plant up on a mound of improved soil or in a pot of acidic potting mix in a warm position. Feed regularly and water frequently through summer, especially over the plant to increase humidity.