Prepare for Growth in Spring

You might not think it from the rather damp weather we've been having but October is when things really start to get going in the garden. We've had the slow build of blossom and the first green shoots and now we're on to the serious business of growing, blooming and fruiting!

We are still open every day from 9 am to 5 pm for pick up and delivery of online and phone orders. Orders are generally filled within an hour of being placed. Every order is a lot of work from our team so we appreciate your understanding of our $30 minimum. We know this is not ideal and we can't wait until everyone is able to wander through the nursery again.

The Oaks Cafe is also open for takeaway coffee and food. We hope to see you all soon!

Tony's Tips

October 2021

This month our gardens will see more growth and more positive change than any other time of the year. Make sure you make the most of it!

October is mid-spring which means it is the perfect time to plant summer veggies. We have almost 40 varieties of tomatoes and all the cold-sensitive veggies like cucumbers, zucchini and chillis are now available. Our favourite cold-tolerant Gecofure sweet basil will be available this month, which goes perfectly with tomatoes!

If you want to have a great display in your garden for Christmas and the New Year, now is the time to plant seedlings so they peak at the end of the year. It’s a good time to start planting Impatiens. We have a great range of Petunias, Marigolds, Salvias, Cosmos, Begonias and many others available for collection or delivery. Wait till next month for Vincas. As the weather warms up, our range of perennials will increase. They're ideal to add summer and autumn colour to your garden.

October is the start of the flowering season for both roses and hydrangeas. We have a great range of roses just starting to come into flower, they love at least half a day of sun. New season hydrangeas are also in and they love a shady spot. Plant out both in soil improved with Zoogro for years of pleasure.

Things to do

  • Watch out for aphids and black spot on roses. This damp weather has been ideal for both to flourish. Dose any affected plants with Rose Gun or Rose Shield.
  • Some roses are flowering early this year. Prune and feed once they finish flowering to bring on the next flush of growth and flowers.
  • Dust tomato plants with tomato dust to prevent disease and pest problems from developing later.
  • Prune winged lavenders back after flowering. Prune them back hard while leaving a covering of viable foliage to allow for successful regrowth.
  • Prune winter-flowering natives and feed with a fertiliser suited to natives.
  • Spray caterpillar prone plants with Pyrethrum at dusk to be effective through the night (when caterpillars play). The sun will have it broken down by lunchtime the next day.
  • Protect plants affected by Azalea Lace Bug last autumn by treating with Bug Killa or Conguard to control new hatchlings.
  • Repot Cymbidium Orchids now if they need it. Feed all orchids with either Osmocote or regular doses of Bloom Booster to fatten them up for next year.
  • Warm climate lawns such as Buffalo, Kikuyu, and Couch are finally starting to grow. Encourage the growth with Lawn Builder slow-release fertiliser.
  • Keep feeding Gardenias with Harry’s Gardenia Food and protect new growth with Mavrick or Conguard.