Now is the best time of year for planting!

Autumn is in full swing and we are loving the transition into crisp weather and cool weather gardening.

We know the crossing work at Surrey Hills and Mont Albert stations can make it a little tricky to get to us but rest assured, we have plenty of parking. We think the beauty of the nursery at this time of year is well worth the trip. You can also always shop online or over the phone and delivery is available.

We will be closed on Good Friday next week, but open from 8am to 5pm as usual for the rest of the long weekend. Autumn is the best time for most major planting so we look forward to seeing you soon!

Tony's Tips

April 2023

We’re now getting into autumn proper, with milder, wetter and more comfortable weather. Autumn is the best time of the year to do major planting as the soil is still warm but there will be no intense heat for eight months. The stock mix has changed with the season. We have more Camellias, and sasanquas in particular are looking amazing. Azaleas are looking great and new season Helleborus will be in next week.

All of our Pansies and Violas are now in, along with Poppies, Primulas and all the winter veggie seedlings. Rhododendrons are in short supply in the trade but we have managed to secure a good range this month.

Our full range of bulbs is in and April is ideal for planting. Remember to put your Tulip bulbs in the fridge for six weeks to simulate a winter frost. All of the others can be planted straight out. Bulbs are great in pots or in garden beds for a little late winter treat.

Things to Do:

  • Autumn is a crucial time for feeding the garden. Feed Gardenias and Citrus now to fatten them up for winter, feed Camellias and Azaleas to maximise flowering and feed roses to continue their flowering through to winter.
  • Feed warm climate lawns such as Buffalo and Kikuyu to fatten them up before winter. Topdress or reseed any lawns that are looking a bit patchy.
  • Watch out for aphids on Hellebore new growth and Azalea Lace Bug on Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Use either Conguard or Bug Killa to treat.
  • Gather Autumn leaves and put them in a pile, hole or bin with some Blood and Bone to assist in composting.

Plant of the Month

Helleborus Angel Glow

Helleborus Angel Glow

We will have a huge range of Helleborus arriving this month. They are ideal for dry, shady spots. Angel Glow is usually the first Helleborus to flower and will flower all the way through till late winter. It has masses of soft pink flowers over a long period on a robust plant. Just the thing to brighten up a winter garden!