Make the Most of Autumn!

Summer is officially over but in many ways this is the best time of the year in Melbourne. Long sunny days and nights that become more crisp as the season progresses are perfect for many of our favourite plants.

Easter is coming up at the end of the month. We will be closed for Good Friday but open from 8am to 5pm every other day of the long weekend. It's a great time to get some gardening done!

Tony's Tips

March 2024

I’m always glad to see autumn with its lovely weather, it is kinder to the garden and gardeners.

If you had to pick one season to do major planting, autumn is that season. It is not too hot, not too cold, just right! If you're thinking of making big changes in your garden, come and have a chat with our team. We'll find exactly the tree, shrub or smaller plant to bring joy to every corner of your garden.

Lots of new season plants are coming through this month, including seedlings of Pansies, Violas, Cyclamen, Poppies and Primulas. New season Azaleas, Daphne and Camellia sasanqua are also back and good to plant now.

Things to Do

  • Feed everything! Autumn is a growth season and fertiliser encourages stronger and more productive growth on all plants.
  • Rejuvenate your lawn with at least a feed and regular watering. This is also a good time to topdress, re-sow or start a lawn from scratch. Watch out for Lawn Beetle Grub! A great lawn produces oxygen, regulates temperature and adds value to your home!
  • Lace Bug has been prevalent on Azaleas and Viburnums and should be treated with Conguard, Contender or Bug Killa.
  • Cabbage White Butterfly is also widespread at the moment, so treat with Pyrethrum at dusk for maximum effectiveness.
  • Keep spraying new growth of citrus with Pest Oil to prevent Citrus Leaf Miner damaging the foliage.

Plant of the Month

Cosmos Cherry Chocolate

Cosmos Cherry Chocolate

We have a new release of the perennial chocolate Cosmos called Cherry Chocolate. It has a profusion of dark fuchsia pink daisy-like flowers that smell of chocolate. Delicious! Easy to grow, long flowering, colourful and fragrant!