Here's to a New Year in the Garden!

Would you look at that, it's a brand new year! We had a cool and damp start to the summer but the hot weather has well and truly arrived and gardens are looking lush!

We're open from 9am to 5pm every day until the 5th of January, when we will return to our usual 8am to 5pm hours. The Oaks Cafe will also be reopening on the 5th!

This is the time to enjoy the results of your work over the winter and spring. However, if your garden still needs a little something, our team of qualified horticulturalists are always here to help out. Happy New Year from the team at Acorn!

A New Delivery!

We've recently had a brand new container arrive, full to the brim with unique furniture and homewares from India! Check out a few pieces below and make sure to visit us in store to see even more treasures, including brass pots, textiles, and smaller pieces!

Green Patinaed Wooden Shelf - $595

A small shelving unit perfect for a child's room or library. The patina and decorative rails add just the right amount of interest.

Morning Tea Chair - $375

A chair with a ready-made spot to rest your cup of tea or gin and tonic! The simple lines and richly stained teak make this a classic piece to suit any home.

Blue Mini Cabinet - $225

Display your most precious curios in the cutest little glass-sided cabinet! The perfect shade of blue combined with vintage brass hardware and just the right amount of detail.

Vintage Bookshelf - $995

Give your library the sturdy home it deserves! We think the rich toned teak looks lovely paired with vintage brass and greenery but it would also be perfect for books or your favourite crockery and cookware.

Dove Grey Cabinet with White Interior - $1,195

The beautiful dove grey paint of this cabinet is weathered just enough to combine perfectly with both modern and traditional decor styles.

Tony's Tips

January 2023

At long last, summer weather has arrived! The cool start to the season has held back many heat-loving plants but they are finally able to do their thing.

New season Crepe Myrtles are back in this month. Like a lot of summer-flowering plants, they love to be planted out in a warm season rather than in winter, when they only go backwards. Vinca, Zinnias, Stephanotis, and Sunpatiens love to be planted out this month, as do Gardenia, Plumbago, Salvias, Murrayas and Hibiscus. It's also time to get your basil in the ground!

Don’t let your plants become dehydrated in this warmer weather. They drink a lot to cool themselves and to sustain a higher output. Rapid Soak works a treat to optimise water efficiency. Summer is the season of colour and fruitfulness. With a little love and support, your plants will be able to look and perform at their very best!

Things to do:

  • Prune traditional Hydrangea macrophylla this month. We prune Hydrangeas by approximately 50 per cent in the summer to lessen stress and encourage them to flower from October to December next year. Feed them early Autumn and Spring.
  • January is the middle of the flowering season for many long-flowering plants so prune now for a fresh flush of blooms in Autumn. A 50 per cent prune to Salvia, Fuchsias, daisies, Geraniums and Heliotrope helps them through the heat of summer. Follow with a feed to reinvigorate them for Autumn.
  • Prune English and French lavenders now. They are at their lowest ebb and need to be rejuvenated with a hard prune to just above the lowest foliage. Never prune to bare wood and feed afterwards.
  • Treat your garden beds to Rapid Soak wetting agent and a good mulch to maximise water penetration and minimise evaporation.
  • Lawn Beetle Grubs and Azalea lace Bug are both active and should be controlled. Psyllids and Calypso Beetle on Lilly Pillies can also easily be controlled with Bug Killa.
  • Keep trimming spent flowers on roses. Feed them every two months with Blooming Roses or Sudden Impact to keep new flowers coming.

Plant of the Month



Both dwarf and tall varieties of Bougainvilleas are looking great and enjoying the move towards warmer weather. Dwarf Bambino Bougainvillea is coming in this month. It is ideal for pots or as a small shrub in a sunny spot in your garden.