Heating Up in the Garden!

This warm start to spring has woken up the garden and everything is looking great! This is our favourite time of the year to spend time in the nursery as everything is so full of life and just raring to go. 

If your garden isn't bringing you joy, don't fear! Our team of experts are ready and waiting to help you find the perfect plants. Hope to see you soon!

Vintage Wooden Corner Shelf - $1,295

Do you have a corner in need of brightening up? This expertly handcrafted vintage shelf is angled to fit! It also has a beautiful patina and is a gorgeous colour. Perfection!

Pyramid Ice Cube Tray - $24.95

Here's something to make summer drinks in the garden even more fun. Pyramid ice cubes are perfect for on-the-rocks drinks, big jugs of cocktails and just adding a unique dimension to your beverage. The silicone trays can also be used to make desserts, chocolates and more!

Tony's Tips

October 2023

It is now full on spring with trees in leaf, roses blooming and a heap of new season veggies including over 30 varieties of tomatoes in the nursery. Most plants are growing vigorously, so now is the time to ensure they have sufficient food and water to sustain that growth.

Petunias are flowering well now. We have a new variety of Spreading Petunia called Lavender Sky, which has beautiful white dappled flowers. It is proving just as popular as previous releases Night Sky and Circus Sky.

Impatiens are great now and will be looking great for months to come. They are available in seedling form or as more established New Guinea Impatiens.

Roses are loving the warmth and are looking fabulous this year in all their varied colours, forms and fragrances. This is the best time to see the colour and smell the perfume.

Salvias are heat-loving, long-flowering, hardy perennials that are coming into their own at this time of the year. There are so many colours and forms that there is enough to please everyone.

Thing to Do:

  • Prune lavenders back hard when they finish flowering. Cut them back to just before bare wood, leaving a fringe of green foliage to draw up sap.
  • Trim back Azaleas, Spirea and Wisteria after flowering. Follow up with a good feed to encourage regrowth. 
  • Trim weeping cherries to improve the shape of their skirt. Have a look at ours in the nursery if you're unsure how they should look.
  • Repot Cymbidium orchids if they need it and divide them if you have to. It can take three or more years for them to flower after division. Feed with Osmocote.
  • Feed everything in your garden including your lawns. Pay special attention to Gardenias, Citrus and Roses.
  • Watch out for aphids on roses. If you spot them, treat with Rose Gun or Rose Shield

Plant of the Month

Helianthemum Pink Sunrose

Helianthemum Pink Sunrose

Our plant of the month for October is Helianthemum Pink Sunrose. Helianthemum is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant, easy to grow plant from the Mediterranean. This low-growing dome-shaped plant grows quickly and will be absolutely covered in flowers throughout the warmer months. It's also available in several other colours!