Celebrating the Arrival of Spring and Indian Treasures!

Spring has spung! The weather is slowly warming up and our gardens are coming out of their winter slumber. We love watching the blossom buds burst each year in the nursery and we can't wait for the riot of colour they herald.

We've had another amazing shipment of treasures arrive from India just last week! It's almost impossible to choose a favourite item but check out a few of them below. We're unpacking new things every day so be sure to visit us in store to see for yourself!

Blue Vintage Low Cabinet - $1,995

A beautifully weathered low cabinet in a truly magical shade of blue. The painted body of the cabinet contrasts with the stained timber top and hides three cupboards, each with two shelves. It would make an excellent tv stand or media console.

Decorative Wooden Piece - $650

An unusual and fun decorative piece perfect for highlighting your favourite objects and curios. Made from stained and painted solid wood finished with handmade details.

Marble Plate - $250

A perfectly proportioned deep plate with a carved handle. Just the right level of detail to go with any decor style. Use it as a fruit bowl or keep it by the door as a catchall for keys and other essentials.

Tony's Tips

September 2023

Spring at last! This is the month with more change, more growth and more excitement than any other month. Established plants will go from asleep, to awake, to going flat chat in only a couple of weeks. It's amazing to watch!

We have new-season Tomatoes, Petunias and Marigolds in now, with Chillies, Eggplants, Cucumbers and Zucchini coming in as the weather warms up. Begonias, Salvia and Cosmos will be in soon and Impatiens later in the month.

Our range of tomato varieties is absolutely huge! We will have dwarf and tall, cherry, Roma, plum, normal and huge-sized tomatoes in many colours and shapes. Plant tomatoes in soil that hasn’t grown tomatoes for at least two years and improve it with compost and lime. Don’t feed until flowering well then use a fertiliser to promote flowers and fruit. Dust regularly to prevent pests and disease issues. I always plant early tomatoes out in the open in the first week of September with great success. You can’t buy flavour as good as homegrown!

A new Spreading Petunia called Lavender Sky has been released this month. It will have masses of lavender flowers dappled with white throughout spring, summer and autumn on a bushy, spreading plant. It is great in baskets, pots or in the garden.

Things to Do:

  • Fuel the expected spring flush of growth by feeding your garden and lawns with a quality complete fertiliser or lawn food. Plants, like us, require good nutrition, not fast food!
  • Cut back ornamental grasses like Liriope, Carex and Tulbaghia to remove tattered old foliage and encourage clean new growth.
  • Spray Peaches and Nectarines with Kocide to prevent Peach Leaf Curl. Also spray Kocide on roses, tomatoes and other veggies and fruit trees to prevent disease.
  • Prune all winter and early spring flowering plants such as Luculia, Daphne, Camellia, Spirea, Japonica, Correas, Hardenbergia and Wisteria when they finish flowering.

Plant of the Month

Geum Jazzy Scarlet Tempest

Our plant of the month is the Geum Jazzy, in particular Scarlet Tempest. The colour is particularly gorgeous! We had these as a new release last year and they exceeded my expectations. They are hardy, colourful, long-flowering and easy-to-grow perennials. All Geum Jazzys grow to about 50cm high and wide.