A Long Awaited Spring

Spring is finally here! A chill is still in the air and many trees are still bare but the signs are there if you look! Now is the time to come out of hibernation and into the garden. 

No matter the size of your garden, our team of experts are here to help you make it come to life with flowers, foliage and veggies! 

Tony's Tips 

September 2022

It’s spring! The most exciting time of the year! Every day brings change with lush new foliage and blossom everywhere. All that growth must be sustained so feeding gardens, lawns and potted plants is a must. Plants are like us, quality, balanced nutrition makes for a happier, healthier, and stronger result!

New season veggies including tomatoes are available now and more will become available as each week goes by. I will plant tomatoes in the car park garden on the 1st of September, just as I have for over 20 years. Hold off on planting basil this month, it likes to be a little warmer!

The new season also brings early perennials and a huge range of roses. We're thrilled to be open this spring so we have lots of interesting, unusual and colourful plants that you must come in and see for yourself!

Things to Do

  • Feed gardenias with Harry’s Gardenia Food. It’s been a long and cold winter and they need help to recover and move forward.
  • Feed box plantings with Topbuxus. There are too many undernourished, discoloured box out in the gardens at the moment.
  • Plant early tomato varieties this month in soil that didn’t grow tomatoes last year. Improve the soil but don’t feed tomatoes until they are flowering well. Dust regularly with Tomato Dust to prevent disease and reduce pest problems
  • Prevent gall wasp in citrus trees by hanging up a trap or two and spraying new growth with Pest Oil. Feed with a suitable citrus food. Cut out any galls that you see.
  • Prune liriope and other ornamental grasses back hard to remove tatty foliage and encourage fresh new growth.
  • Prune and feed camellias early this month to ensure an improved shape, structure and flowering next year.

Plant of the Month

Circus Sky Petunia

Circus Sky Petunia

Petunias are available now and I’ve already planted the first spreading petunias in our hanging baskets. We have an exciting new release called Circus Sky. Similar to the popular Night Sky, it is a deep pink petunia with white spots and stripes that flowers from spring to autumn. It grows up to 30cm tall and up to 80cm wide and is fantastic for trailing out of hanging baskets, pots and garden beds.