Winter Gardening is the Secret to a Spectacular Spring Garden

Winter Gardening is the Secret to a Spectacular Spring Garden

26th Jun 2020

Midwinter has well and truly set in. Luckily us gardeners know that this means that spring is just around the corner. 

Many of us have been spending more time at home over the last few months, and now is a great time to change things up a bit by introducing new plants and freshening up existing ones.

Read on for Tony's Tips on what to plant, prune and feed now so your garden is ready to burst into life as soon as spring hits. 


July 2020

It’s mid-winter and we’ve now passed the shortest day and the quietest point in the horticultural calendar. Spring is actually not too far away, we can already see the earliest blossom on weeping apricots and the Magnolias are budding up nicely.

Our deciduous Magnolias will be in soon and they will start flowering later in the month. They are spectacular shrubs/small trees that begin to flower well before most blossom trees in a wide range of colours. Always a welcome signal that spring is on its way. Plant it up on a mound of improved soil for best results.

Japonica Camellias are at their best now and are great in a shaded or protected position in the garden or in a large pot on a deck or verandah. They have glossy green foliage all year round and an extraordinary range of spectacular flowers through Winter.

The old favourite Daphne odora is in short supply this year and I think I will run out before Spring. Daphne loves shaded spots with excellent drainage and no root disturbance. Plant in a shaded position up on a mound of improved soil or in pots for successful results. We also have the longer flowering, stronger growing Daphne Perfume Princess, which will take sun or shade in a well-drained position.

It may be the dead of winter but it is also the time to prepare your garden and give it the best possible start to spring. Plant, prune, feed and move things now so they are ready to take off as soon as spring comes.


  • Prune box hedges and topiary into shape now. This should be the hardest, most structural prune of the year.
  • Now is the ideal time to plant fruit trees. We have a great range of both deciduous and evergreen fruit trees.
  • To guarantee that your blue Hydrangeas will maintain a vibrant colour, start applying the bluing fertiliser now.
  • If you have yellow foliaged camellias or citrus they may be nutrient deprived. Feed them with an organic-based fertiliser, it will be more effective in cooler soil.
  • Watch out for clover, moss or winter grass invading your lawn. Come see us to find the best control method for you.


New Season Roses

We are excited to have a number of new release roses this year. David Austin Roses have the most extensive rose breeding program in the world and we are seeing the fruits of that in the terrific varieties being released. Named for Othello's beautiful wife, Desdemona has peach-pink buds which open to heavily fragrant large white flowers. It is a compact bushy shrub that grows to over one meter and bears masses of flowers for a long time.

We're also enthusiastic about Adorable and Golden Beauty, two new release floribunda roses with a lot of promise. Adorable has masses of strongly fragrant pink-mauve flowers on an upright, strongly growing bush. Golden Beauty has richly golden fragrant flowers with good heat tolerance on a vigorous plant.

These three roses are sure to become reliable, long term favourites.