Welcoming you Back into the Nursery!

Welcoming you Back into the Nursery!

30th Oct 2020

After a seemingly endless lockdown, we were so pleased to be able to welcome our lovely customers back into the nursery this week.

Thank you all for the support you showed us and other small businesses during lockdown. We were lucky to be able to continue offering pickup and delivery but it was still tough. The strength of our community got us through in the end.

From Monday we will be extending our hours to open at 8 am and close at the usual time of 5 pm. The Oaks Cafe is also open until 4 pm on weekdays and 5 pm on weekends. Our little corner of the world feels almost back to normal.


October 2020

As we enter late spring, we will start to see more warm-season stock becoming available. This week we will have seedlings of Calibrachoa, Vincas and New Guinea Impatiens available in the nursery. A cold, wet October has been great for growth but we should now have enough warmth for basil to really start to move forward.

There is still time to plant veggies such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and chillies. We have a large selection of chilli seedlings ranging from mild to dangerous heat. This week we will have established Tasty Bite chillies in pots, including the favourite Thai chilli. They will already have flowers and some fruit so will be off to a great head start before you even get them in your garden.

We will have the first of the Mandevilleas in three colours. They are ideal for pots of summer colour on patios, decks and verandas. Roses are looking great and we're so pleased you can now come in and smell the perfume, see the colours and take them home to plant.

Gardenias are starting to flower beautifully and are ideal to plant now in pots or raised improved garden beds. Gardenia Florida is the classic favourite but we now also have Magnifica and Radicans.

Now that you can come in and see everything for yourself, be sure to check out our range of colourful perennial salvias and new dwarf dahlias coming in this week.


  • Prune winged and horned lavenders as they finish flowering. Prune them as hard as you can while still leaving some viable green leaves to draw sap up to power recovery growth.
  • Prune spent rose flowers and feed with high potassium food to stimulate new growth and flowers for Christmas.
  • Plant annuals now to have a show for Christmas and New Year.
  • If you haven’t planted tomatoes yet, do it now along with some companion basil or marigolds.
  • Use Tomato Dust on tomatoes and other veggies to prevent problems with pests and disease.
  • Keep feeding your Gardenias with Harry’s Gardenia Food to help them recover from the cool start to spring this year.
  • Watch out for magpies and crows in your lawn. This is a sure sign of Lawn Beetle Grub hatching in the lawn.
  • The damp cool spring has encouraged a little mildew on roses and other plants. Combat this with Mancozeb or Eco Fungicide.
  • Cool damp weather means that snails are prevalent and have voracious appetites. Use Baysol or Multiguard, which is safer, to keep them at bay.
  • Now is a great time to be planting all sorts of things. New plantings should always be planted into soil improved with enriched organic material to facilitate new root growth.