Christmas in the Garden

Christmas in the Garden

30th Nov 2020

As Melbourne continues to head back to a level of normality, we've been reflecting on the year we've all had. It's times like this that we are extra grateful for the ability to get out into the garden and focus on what our plants need.

Gardening and even just being around plants has been shown to have significant mental and physical health benefits. We've felt this more than ever this year!

From all of us here at Acorn, thank you for your support over this very strange year. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

We have so many new and exciting things in the gift shop that we've decided to create a dedicated instagram account just for gifts! Don't worry, Acorn Nursery isn't going anywhere, we just wanted to create a space to to focus more closely on our beautiful range of gift products, with maybe a sneaky plant or two!

Follow along @acorn_gifts for all our gift shop related content and be on the look out for a few exciting surprises very soon! 


December 2020

It’s been truly lovely to see so many of our customers back in the store again. Welcome back and aren’t the gardens loving this spring! As we come into early summer, our gardens are all about colour and produce. I’ve picked my very first ripe Plum Truss Tomato, which I planted in September, and my Burpless Cucumbers are getting bigger every day. My Impatiens, Sunpatiens, Vincas and Petunias are all flowering nicely too.

The days are getting warmer and Bougainvillea are starting to flower, as are the Mandevilleas. After a long and mostly cool spring, the heat-loving summer plants are finally doing their thing. Gardenias are now looking pretty good if they got their spring feeds. With warmer weather, it is important to ensure that we are watering more often. This is especially true for potted plants, which can't hold onto as much moisture.

Perennials come into their own at this time of the year. We have a large range of long-flowering perennials including many Salvias, Gauras, Agastaches, Tuhlbagias, and Perovskia. If you're after a splash of flowering colour for Christmas, it's not too late to plant but get in quick! To add to the Christmas spirit, we also have a range of dwarf Spruces, so you can have a potted living Christmas tree year after year.

Tall and dwarf Crepe Myrtles are in this month, as is the return of the most popular varieties of dwarf and regular Citrus trees. From all of us at Acorn and the Oaks Cafe, we wish you and your families a very colourful and merry Christmas. 


  • Prepare your garden for summer by applying a wetting agent such as Rapid Soak followed by a layer of good quality mulch. Wetting agents help with the penetration and storage of water and mulching helps to prevent evaporation.
  • Prune the dead flower heads off your roses and feed them to encourage new growth and flowers. 
  • Feed all your fruiting veggies with high potassium fertiliser to maximise their yields.
  • Keep an eye out for pests on your veggies and spray regularly with Pyrethrum, though only in the evening. Dipel or Success will also reduce the number of Cabbage Moth grubs, which are prevalent at the moment.
  • Prune winged and horned lavenders such as Avenview, Princess, Winter Lace and Violet Lace back hard if you haven’t already. Never prune to bare wood, make sure to leave a little of the lowest foliage to sustain their regrowth.
  • Give your citrus trees their second feed of the season. We like to feed citrus at the start of every spring, summer and autumn to ensure good fruiting.
  • Watch out for dead patches in otherwise healthy lawns or magpies and crows digging in lawns. This is a sure sign on Lawn Beetle Grubs feeding on your lawn roots. We have a number of treatments available so pop in store to see what would suit your garden best.
  • Trim the new growth on hedges of Camellia Sasanqua, Portuguese Laurel, Viburnum, and Michellia Magnolia to ensure they maintain the shape you're after. Follow up with a good feed.