April Gardening

April Gardening

31st Mar 2021

Acorn Nursery and the Oaks Cafe will be closed for Good Friday but open as usual for the rest of the Easter long weekend.

We love Autumn in Melbourne. It is one of the best times to be planting and feeding your garden. Give your autumn planting efforts time to grow and get established while the soil is still warm. We're looking forward to a long weekend in the garden!

Way back in February we told you that our container filled with gorgeous vintage and handmade furniture, homewares and decor was on its way to us. We're super excited to announce that the arrival is imminent! Stay tuned for all sorts of amazing things just after Easter. 


April 2021

We are now reaching the middle of autumn and loving it. The rain has been good (without being ridiculous) and there is lots more cool-climate stock now available, including the start of the Hellebore season. Our specialist grower will deliver a range of single and double-flowered varieties to us this month. They are hard to get but easy to grow and ideal for dry, shady areas. These will flower through the winter and into spring in a spectacular range of colours and shapes.

Our Citrus range will start to expand this month with a lot of interesting and unusual varieties coming through, including the very popular dwarf varieties which are ideal for pots and small gardens. Citrus love sunny, fertile, well-drained positions and have lush fragrant foliage, highly perfumed flowers and valuable fruit. We think they are an essential tree for every garden!


  • Feed your Gardenias with Harry's Gardenia Food to fatten them up for Winter whilst the soil is still warm enough. This feed is crucial to sustaining the plant through to spring.
  • This is a great time to start a compost heap, bin, trench or hole to take advantage of all the autumn leaves. Season with a handful or two of Blood and Bone to hasten breakdown. Occasional aeration with a fork will further accelerate the process.
  • Feed up Japonica Camellias and Citrus to maximise their productivity through winter.
  • Plant Pansies, Violas, Sweet Peas, Primulas, Poppies, Foxgloves and Polyanthus for autumn, winter and spring colour. 
  • Plant Parsley now for winter seasoning. Sow broad bean and onion seeds, plant certified seed garlic as well as lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and kale seedlings.
  • Watch out for silvered foliage caused by Azalea Lace Bug on Azaleas and Viburnums and treat with Bugkilla. Distorted new growth on citrus is generally caused by Citrus Leaf Miner and can be treated with Pest Oil.
  • Feed Buffalo and Kikuyu lawns now to fatten them up for winter and sustain them through to spring.
  • Continue planting bulbs. Put Tulip bulbs in the vegetable crisper in your fridge for six weeks before planting.
  • Feed your whole garden! Autumn is a growth season and strong growth requires proper nourishment!


Rhododendron Christmas Cheer

Rhododendron Christmas Cheer

Rhododendrons are a classic, spectacular spring-flowering shrub that are in short supply in the trade right now. We will have a lovely batch in April from the best grower but they won't be around for long so get in quick! The spectacular blooms of Rhododendron Christmas Cheer are a particular favourite. As with all plants, improve the soil with Zoogro or a similar product at planting.