Spring is Heating Up!

We’ve had a few false starts on Spring but the forecast is finally looking to be consistently warming up. That means right now is the time to get into the garden and make things happen!

We’re out in the garden planting all kinds of veggies and Summer flowers. It might seem a long way away but we’re even thinking about Christmas. Now is the best time to plant up your garden to have it looking spectacular in time for Christmas get-togethers and Boxing Day barbeques.




The incredibly versatile Tani range is always a favourite for us but we’re super excited to have a new range of warm-weather colours and styles in the gift shop right now!

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Tony’s Tips

October 2019

We’ve had lovely rain and now, with some warmth, we will really start to see our plants surge ahead. It’s now warm enough to be planting Basil in protected areas. Our Sweet Basil with the very best flavour is the Genovese type but we also have a German strain that is a little more cold tolerant and a longer, more productive life. Plant in sunny, fertile positions or tubs with a good potting mix. Other varieties of Basil like Thai Basil will be available later as the weather warms even more.

We will have traditional Impatiens seedlings, New Guinea Impatiens in seedlings and pots, and pots of the versatile and hardy Impacio and Sunpatiens available this month for brightening up your entrance or entertaining areas. Petunias are also ideal to plant now for Summer and Christmas colour, though Vincas aren’t suitable for planting until November at the earliest.

Other new season perennials are now coming through, including more Salvias, Gauras, Scabiosa, Fuchsias and Calibrachoas. Roses are starting to flower and now is the best time to select a new rose. See the colour, smell the perfume and plant an established, rooted plant into improved soil.

Things to do:

  • Plant your tomato seedlings now. We have 38 varieties in store this week with more new, heritage, hybrid and traditional favourites on the way. Incorporate some good organic material and a couple of handfuls of dolomite lime into the soil then start to feed with a fruit orientated fertiliser when the first flowers appear.
  • Keep the food coming to your Gardenias as they develop buds. A plant stressing for food and water will shed flower buds.
  • We have several chillies available now and will have the full range by the end of the month as it warms up. All the good, fun salad veggies can be planted now.
  • Cymbidium orchids that need repotting should be done this month. Orchids like to be snug in their pots so go just one pot size up in orchid mix with a liberal dose of high K Osmocote. Dividing the plants will postpone flowering for 3 to 4 years.
  • Prune early blossom trees including Spirea, Wisteria, early Clematis, flowering Quince, Prunus Elvinsand shrubs after flowering and neaten up the skirt on weeping cherries. Feed them to encourage new growth.
  • Spray aphids on roses with Rose Gun and dust tomato plants with Tomato Dust to prevent pest and disease problems.
  • If you haven’t fed your lawn yet do so now. It was a long, cold, wet winter that extended into September and they need some support to help recovery. Treat broadleaf weeds in your lawn with a suitable selective weedicide.
  • Liquid feed Pansies, Violas and Poppies to promote and extend flowering with high K Phostrogen.

Plant of the Month


We have a couple of new Dianthus available this month in raspberry and mauve. This series of Dianthus Scent First are neat mounded plants and are currently considered world’s best Dianthus. They are evergreen, hardy and produce masses of fragrant, colourful flowers over a long period each Spring. They’re great in both containers and the garden.