Mum deserves something special!

We’ve got a double act for you this month, our regularly scheduled Tony’s Tips, plus our top recommendations to spoil mum this Mothers’ Day. It’s coming up on the 12th of May so you’ve still got plenty of time to find a gift but, if you do leave it a little late, don’t worry! Plants make the perfect last-minute present!

May is also the last month of Autumn and the perfect time to do any major planting you might have planned before the cold sets in. Happy gardening!

Mothers’ Day Gift Guide

Treat mum to an elegant piece of sterling silver jewellery from our extensive range from Ichu. All of their bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings are designed in Australia and made in Mexico.






Does your mum love to cook with fresh herbs? She might love one of our herb pots wrapped in a tea towel. They’re both pretty and practical and they smell delicious!






Our beautiful range of candles from Ikou all contain scents from organic and wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower extracts. They are made with ethically-sourced 100% natural wax so it’s a gift you can feel good about.






We have a huge selection of different orchids right now, including Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis and Dancing Lady. With blooms that last for months, they beat cut flowers every time!






The Oaks Cafe is a favourite with mums everywhere. Make an occasion of it and get the whole family together for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. Give the cafe a call on 9890 7107 to secure your booking.







Tony’s Tips

May 2019

Heading into the last month of Autumn, more and more cool-weather stock is coming through. Many of the most drought-tolerant plants from Australia, South Africa and the Mediterranean start to look their best now as they conserve their energy over the warmer months and do most of their flowering in the milder cool months. This means we get a spectacular display of flowers right through Winter and into Spring on Proteas, Leucadendron, Helleborus, Clivea, Primula, French Lavender and many Natives. They all plant out better at this time of the year and establish quickly in the cooler temperatures.

Cymbidium orchids are looking fabulous at the moment and are great indoor plants for 6 to 10 weeks – much better value than cut flowers! After flowering simply cut off finished flower stems, feed with a handful of high K Osmocote and put outside in a partly shaded or morning sun position. Water frequently from late September to late April and once a week through the cooler months. Orchids like to be snug in their pots and take quite a while to recover when repotted or divided. If they are bursting their pot then repot to next size up in spring using proper Orchid potting mix. Only divide Cymbidiums if you have to and, even then, keep them in larger sections that will recover more quickly. For the moment just enjoy the flowers.

Cercis Merlot is a new release bred from Forest Pansy with darker burgundy foliage on a smaller, bushier tree that is more heat and drought tolerant. Bred for the hot, dry south-western states of the US, it is a hardy, easy to grow small tree with brilliant pink spring blossom.

  • Camellias and Citrus are putting lots of energy into flower and fruit development but sometimes at the cost of the plant. Feed them to maintain deep green foliage and the happiness of the whole plant.
  • Camellias and Citrus are putting lots of energy into flower and fruit development but sometimes at the cost of the plant. Feed them to maintain deep green foliage and the happiness of the whole plant.
  • This is the last month to plant certified seed garlic. It loves good drainage so raised beds or pots are ideal.
  • The first of our seed potatoes will come in this month. Four or five varieties are available now and the full range will be available in mid-June.
  • Protect the new flower buds on Cymbidium Orchids from snails with snail bait.
  • It’s still Autumn, which is the best time to do any major planting to allow your new plants plenty of time to get established before next Summer.

Plant of the Month

Camellia Sasanqua Lisa

Camellia Sasanqua Lisa is a new Slimline Camellia. It’s a slim, upright growing shrub of up to 3 metres, which is ideal as a screening shrub in restricted areas. It has masses of soft pink double flowers from March through to June, will grow in full sun or moderate shade, and makes a great neat, slim hedge. Like all Camellias, it should be planted into improved soil and up on a mound. For a bit of variety, Lisa can be teamed with Avalanche; also a Slimline Camellia of similar size and shape but with white flowers.