Garden Products

Lime Sulphur

If you only use one pest disease preventative a year on your roses - use Lime Sulphur after the winter prune.

Lime Sulphur

Whether you’re maintaining a beautiful garden or trying fix a problem in your garden, using the right tools will make your job so much easier. Acorn Nursery has put together a range of products that can turn a chore into a pleasure. We know this, because the tools we sell are the same tools we use in our own gardens.


We stock a wide range of gardening gloves for both comfort and protection. From cute little kids gloves through to X Large mens sizes and everything in between.

Secateurs & Tools

We specialise in high quality secateurs and hedge clippers. We can advise on the best tool for the individual.


We only stock good and great fertilisers, whether it be an 'All Purpose' or a plant specific. We’ll give you advice on the right fertiliser for the best result.

Potting Mix

A diverse range of general and specific premium grade potting mixes designed to ensure your plants grow to be the best they can be!

Compost/ Soil Conditioner

Good soil means plants grow well and we stock ZooGro which is the BEST soil conditioner that we know and Cow Manure that is composted for maximum effect and minimal problems.


We only sell and recommend the best grades of Sugar Cane, Pea Straw and Lucerne as well as the premium ‘Mulch and Feed’ and ‘’Fine Pine Bark’. Mulches that look good and are good for your soil and plants.

Pest/Disease Control

We have 7 qualified, experienced horticulturalists who can diagnose your problem and recommend the correct solution. Bring in a piece or a photo of the affected plant and we’ll find a fix. We get it right - first time!

Seeds & Propogation

We stock a wide range of vege and flower seeds, seed raising mixes, propogation mixes and plant rooting hormones.


We can help you with advice on what will suit your area and provide solutions to most lawn problems. We stock both cool and warm climate lawn seeds, lawn seed starters and lawn top-dressing.