Don’t Miss our Rose Spectacular!

November is famous for roses so we’re kicking off the month with a rose spectacular this weekend. Our five favourite roses – Mr Lincoln, Friesia, Iceberg, Blue Moon and Just Joey – will be on special. We will also have specials on the products we recommend to keep your roses happy and healthy.



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Tony’s Tips

November 2018

After a pretty cool start to Spring we are finally seeing enough warmth to bring on the Roses, Gardenias, Bougainvillea, Petunias, Impatiens and Vincas, which have just come in this week. The cold nights have slowed things down a little but Summer colour is definitely on its way.

Hydrangeas are finally looking fabulous with all the old favourites and a couple of new varieties now in store. Remember they love the water, are great in pots and not so good in dry spots. We prune ours hard after Christmas so they will flower nicely in the milder late Spring and early Summer.

We have just received a great range of perennial Salvias and new season perennials like Gaura, Scabiosa, Heliotrope, dwarf and normal English Lavender and the very colourful Calibrachoa. Now is the time to get these seedlings in the ground for a spectacular Christmas display.

  • If you haven’t already, dose your garden with a good wetting agent to ensure maximum penetration and efficient use of water. Follow up with a good quality organic mulch to keep the moisture in!
  • November is usually the last month to successfully plant tomatoes. This is also the time to plant chillies, zucchini and cucumber. Protect your tomatoes with Tomato Dust.
  • Give Gardenias another feed of Harry’s Gardenia food. The cold start to the season has held them back but they will begin their flowering season now.
  • As your first flush of roses finishes up, trim the plant back and feed it with a high K food such as Blooming Roses to ensure the next flush of flowers is here in time for Christmas.
  • Italian or horned Lavenders like Avonview and Princess can be pruned fairly hard now. Cut them back to just above the lowest foliage to rejuvenate the plant.
  • Prune all Azaleas back now and give them a good feed. This is the main prune of the year for them.
  • Pest Watch: watch out for Azalea Lace Bug in Azaleas and treat with Confidor or Bug Killa. Crows and Magpies digging up your lawn means Lawn Beetle Grub, distorted new growth on Citrus is Leaf Miner, which we treat with Pest Oil. Holes in the leaves of cherries means Pear and Cherry slug. Treat with Mavrik immediately.

Plant of the Month


This month we’re loving all the gorgeous roses, especially Mr Lincoln, Friesia, Iceberg, Blue Moon and Just Joey. The Melbourne Cup is well known for its brilliant display of roses but if you haven’t planted yours yet don’t worry, you’re not too late! Plant now for beautiful roses over the Summer.

If you’re even thinking about planting roses this weekend you’d be crazy to miss out on our rose spectacular. Come in any time to see the display and find out how to make your roses the envy of the neighbourhood!