Boston Ivy Water Panel

Boston Ivy Water PanelThe Boston Ivy Water Panel is a very popular decorative water feature made of copper.  It recycles water that trickles down the leaves, creating a wet autumn look. Installation of a piece like this will definitely bring serenity to your garden.

Garden decor is all about turning your garden space, into another living space. Define an area by adding some terra cotta pots, or introducing a water feature, or incorporating a small table setting or outdoor chair from which you can sit and admire your garden. Let us help you make the most of your garden.

Outdoor Furniture

We have some favourites - always in stock and we have seasonal ranges that come and go dependant on availability. Always attractive, good value furniture.


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Greensmart Pots

We stock the popular and economical Greensmart range of self watering herb and vegie pots in both sizes.

Water Features

The cool, calming sound of water running from one of our beautiful, self-contained water features is the ideal way to introduce movement and sound to your garden.


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